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"Ai Link" Platform

"Ai Link" is our platform which delivers AI services more efficiently to people.

AI Assistance & Chat Bot

Chat or talk with our AI assistance solution using mobile phones or Facebook messenger.

AI Painting & Investing

Be a professional painter with our AI painting solution, and also find a smart way to invest your assets with our investing solution.

Intelligence Products

Personal Assistance Products, Smart IoT Products, and Intelligence Business Products.

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"Ai Link" Platform Advantages

AI service development time can be shortened using our platform. It can provide AI services to people who use various devices or operating systems.

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In Natural Language Processing (NLP) Applications

Our platform can provide various AI services to people who use mobile phones, Facebook messenger, or IoT/Robot products.

In addition to English, AI can speak Japanese, Korean, or Chinese. It is also capable of learning other languages.

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Deep machine learning has made much progress and received much attention.

It is becoming part of our everyday life. Thanks to artificial intelligence, our lives are getting easier and more convenient leading us to a brighter future.

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New AI solutions will be available in 2018